Sunday, November 04, 2012

Welcoming Hey Miyuki

The Melbourne Colouring Book welcomes Miyuki to Melbourne as she explores Queerness and the making of Art in Melbourne. Miyuki is on a mission to explore how queer communities create: be it in film, dance, poetry, painting; and through their acts of creation, assert their own visibility. Follow her project as she hops around the world!

Our dialogue with Miyuki began yesterday with our inaugural Colouring Book meeting at the City Library (off Flinders Lane). We explored ethnicity, religion - and how competing (and even complimentary) labels attract or deny identification with the wider, whiter world of Queer Melbourne.

In subsequent posts, Miyuki will contribute her voice as a visitor, documenting some of her evolving views on how an ethnic subset of Queer Melbourne is engaging with the intersection of art and activism.

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